Kale: Now available in Toulouse!!!

553469_10151041146976160_1212284388_nI woke up to some amazing news yesterday morning. Kale (chou kale) is finally available in Toulouse, France. Kale is a staple product in my diet and I’ve greatly missed it since leaving the States.

Fortunately, thanks the wonderful efforts of The Kale Project I can purchase kale at my hearts desire, and make as much kale smoothies and kale inspired meals as I want!

Si vous habitez à Toulouse et vous souhaitez savoir où trouver le chou kale, vous pouvez acheter à Biocoop à Jean Jaurès ou à Auchan. C’est 2,99€ le kilo  à Auchan et pour le bio c’est 6,40€ le kilo à Biocoop.

En savoir plus sur le chou kale ici: Kale, le chou qui a rendu fous les Américains.

Bon appétit!!!


5 thoughts on “Kale: Now available in Toulouse!!!

  1. Thank you for this post! I’m going to look for it. Do you remember at which Auchan you found the kale? Thanks again! Christina

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