The Teaching Assistant Program in France is a wonderful opportunity for young professionals (ages to 20-30) to teach English abroad in France and French oversea departments. This program helps assistants perfect their French-language skills and gain first-hand knowledge of contemporary French culture. If you are a prospective applicant thinking about applying to TAPIF or recently got accepted, hit me up- I would love to talk to you!

Also, feel free to comment if you have any questions.

Thinking about applying forTAPIF?  Here are some links that may help you: keep-calm-and-become-a-teaching-assistant-in-france

Information about being an assistant

Blog featuring different expats

Have you applied and been accepted to the program?  Here are some links that may help you:

The TAPIF Facebook page

The Ultimate TAPIF Guide

Teaching Assistant in France Survival Guide

Looking for an apartment? Roommate? Extra job?

AngloInfo is a wonderful site for finding babysitting or tutoring jobs or apartments.

Appartager, Couchsurfing, Se Loger.

Want to teach private English lessons?  Consider posting announcements on these sites: KelProf  Cherche-Cours  Le Bon Coin  French Craigslist.


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