I’ve been on quite the hiatus. More posts to come. Happy New Year everyone!!! Bonne Annèe a tous!!!


Thank you Nelson Mandela.

There is no news that travels faster than the news of death.


Thank you for your unrelenting persistence and gumption for justice. Your revolutionary spirit and will is eternal and will never be forgotten.

Nelson Mandela, I thank you for standing your ground in the face of injustice, oppression, racism, apartheid, inequality and helping to chip away (however small) at the concrete walls of injustice.

Thank you for your compassion and fearlessness.


Kale: Now available in Toulouse!!!

553469_10151041146976160_1212284388_nI woke up to some amazing news yesterday morning. Kale (chou kale) is finally available in Toulouse, France. Kale is a staple product in my diet and I’ve greatly missed it since leaving the States.

Fortunately, thanks the wonderful efforts of The Kale Project I can purchase kale at my hearts desire, and make as much kale smoothies and kale inspired meals as I want!

Si vous habitez à Toulouse et vous souhaitez savoir où trouver le chou kale, vous pouvez acheter à Biocoop à Jean Jaurès ou à Auchan. C’est 2,99€ le kilo  à Auchan et pour le bio c’est 6,40€ le kilo à Biocoop.

En savoir plus sur le chou kale ici: Kale, le chou qui a rendu fous les Américains.

Bon appétit!!!

Happy International Day of the Girl!!!!

Happy International Day of the Girl!!!!

Today, as we commemorate the International Day of the Girl, we stand in solidarity with all of the girls around the world who face violence in their courageous pursuit of a life free from discrimination.

This is an opportunity to celebrate, honor, acknowledge, and advance girls everywhere. People all around the world are coming together to both recognize the role of oppression and take a stand against its influence on our own lives and communities.

France: Coming soon!!!!

France: Coming so soon!!!!

Je reviens en france dans 2 semaines!!!

Wow, the time is fast approaching. Finalizing last minute details and preparing for this awesome adventure. I can not wait to share all of my wonderful experiences with you all!!!

More to come!

A beintot!!

I’ve evolved.

I've evolved.

“I’ve evolved. When you realize it’s your responsibility to be a leader and create the world that you want to see, you have to do it. It’s my responsibility to create music and come up with ideas that keep my community first.”
– Janelle Monáe